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meret becker PLAZA











öder some sunny myiodeopsia free-floating in the vitreous humour of dv,
your favourite Vampirotheuthis Infernalis
, a depolymerisation of his arduous but continued labouring in researching (and comitting to the Global Flow) the Writing of Anke Veld







PLAN    (eten)


op gespannen voet:

het weerbericht           de invalshoek
de strakke koord          een kamerplant
het vakgebied              de klare wijn

(elk oponthoud klemrijden)

hou het vlies intact (keurt de uitgelezen wol)
gooi de bruggen plat (vereenvoudigt het besproken kader)

de blik mistig, het geluid hinkend
de boomvrucht ik, achterop:


tuimel, val, splijt.









Vinculorum gradus. Art. XI.

Res in universo ita sunt ordinatae, ut in una quadam
coordinatione consistant, ita ut continuo quodam quasi
fluxu ab omnibus progressio fieri possit ad omnia. Horum
vero alia aliis immediate cohaerent, sicut ad naturalem
propagationem eiusdem speciei individua, et in his fami-
liaria sunt vincula cognata et facillima. Alia vero mediis
quibusdam subordinantur, et in his media omnia pertran-
sire oportet et penetrare quodammodo, ut a vinciente in
vincibile vincula protendantur. Itaque numina, per rerum
elargitionem et mediorum quorundam impertibilium favo-
rem, inferiora et infima tandem sibi devinciunt influendo.
Vicissim vero obsecundatione quadam naturali vel ratio-
nali, quodam cultu inferiora tollantur, ut superiora et
eminus posita sibi pro congruo arbitrio revinciant. Utque
variae sunt rerum species eorum atque differentiae, ita
eorum varia sunt tempora, loca, media, via, organa et of-
ficium. Hoc in omni genere vinculorum et vincibilium
perspicere facillimum est et inducere.











Vinculorum tempus et locus. Art. XVII.

Sicut non ubique neque semper, quamvis optima
iaciantur semina, rerum propagatio consequitur, ita ne-
que irretientia vincula perpetuo et ubique, sed apto tem-
pore et subiectorum congrua dispositione virtutem conci-
piunt effectus.


Giordano Bruno, DE VINCULIS IN GENERE -1591,
A general account of bonding (tr. Richard Blackwell, ISBN 0521 596580, p.174)
Latin text at http://giordanobruno.signum.sns.it/bibliotecaideale/40DeVinculisTOC.php?historyId=TOC_extended







[If that vinculum substantiale of monads did not exist, all bodies, together with all of their qualities, would be nothing but well-founded phenomena, like a rainbow or an image in a mirror, in a word, continual dreams perfectly in agreement with one another, and in this alone would consist the reality of those phenomena.] (Leibniz, GP II 435-36/AG 198-99)





nearsighted vision(s) : ANNA


dv 4/07/2006: 'ANNA'- 320x280 drawing on a Sony Clié T-model + Photoshop



"Establishing the disconnection and then attempting to differentiate, however, a philosopher is faced with the omnipresent, complex character of the connection. Its complexity and articulation are dealt with in the second chapter, The Connection. Interpreting early modern anatomical specimens and Baroque curiosities collections, the author focuses upon the representation of the dystopic field of the in-between, with the dangerous connection of undistinguishable, hybrid and monstrous creatures threatening to ultimately disconnect us from the rationality itself. The cultivation of physicality, senses, taste, and excess not only gives rise to modern rationality, but also articulates the modern representation of the field of the in-between - governed by the science of aesthetics of the 18th century. With the connection ceasing to be a matter of metaphysic, its symptoms become visible - as carved deeply into the front of aesthetics, which eventually leads to Leibnitz's philosophy of universal connections and its numerous connotations in contemporary connecting."

Bojana Kunst, Abstract of Dangerous Connections. Body, Philosophy and Relationship to the Artificial ISBN: 961-91078-7-X



dv 04/07/2006, Sony Clié drawing: topological sketch of a 'binding rhytm' reworked in Photoshop. As you can see, it's clearly all in my head, a rather annoying consequence of the incomplete disintegration proces of the hyaloid artery, regressing in the third trimester of my mothers' pregnancy. The summer of 1962 was particularly hot, Marilyn Monroe died, all sorts of things went utterly wrong, so one really can't be putting the blame on anyone...




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meret becker PLAZA
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