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This file requires Flash version 8


DANA in the POND, another failure
some dramatic sucking on a

Dana in the Pond FLASH 8 - On2 VP6 video codec - 5,45 mb



Des yeulx, ausquelz s'enniche le Soleil,
Quand sus le soir du jour il se depart,
Delasché fut le doulx traict nompareil
Me penetrant jusques en celle part,
Ou l'Ame attaincte or' a deux il mespart,
Laissant le coeur le moins interessé,
Et toutesfois tellement oppressé,
Que du remede il ne s'ose enquerir.
Car, se sentant quasi Serpent blessé,
Rien ne le peult, non Dorion, guerir.

Maurice Scève, Délie XXX

Sic ubi deseruit madidos septemfluus agros
Nilus et antiquo sua flumina reddidit alveo
aetherioque recens exarsit sidere limus,
plurima cultores versis animalia glaebis
inveniunt, et in his quaedam modo coepta per ipsum
nascendi spatium, quaedam inperfecta suisque
trunca vident numeris; et eodem in corpore saepe
altera pars vivit, rudis est pars altera tellus.
Quippe ubi temperiem sumpsere umorque calorque,
concipiunt, et ab his oriuntur cuncta duobus;
cumque sit ignis aquae pugnax, vapor umidus omnes
res creat, et discors concordia fetibus apta est.
Ergo ubi diluvio tellus lutulenta recenti
solibus aetheriis altoque recanduit aestu,
edidit innumeras species, partimque figuras
rettulit antiquas, partim nova monstra creavit.

Illa quidem nollet, sed te quoque, maxime Python,
tum genuit, populisque novis, incognite serpens,
terror eras: tantum spatii de monte tenebas.
Hunc deus arquitenens, et numquam talibus armis
ante nisi in dammis capreisque fugacibus usus,
mille gravem telis exhausta paene pharetra
perdidit effuso per vulnera nigra veneno.
Neve operis famam posset delere vetustas,
instituit sacros celebri certamine ludos,
Pythia perdomitae serpentis nomine dictos.

Ov 1, 423-447







for wiping smudges of the Laura trope
from Anke Veld's Painted Field Of Vision,
a dramatic exposition (2D>>3D>>nD):


- construct a mechanised place (2D) of meeting, a suitable setting where the lovers first catch eye of each other. eg. Blake's Printing House, Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 15; scenes of massive exploitation, 3rd world child labor, Disneyland Paris, Santa Claus politicians,...

The eye-catching part ought to be fun. Try 'n get some Barthelmian surreal into it.

- Lore (cleaning lady at the Korean Institute) & Io (Black goddess, femme fatale in the City's night life) meet while still very young. AV's simultaneous 'revisits' to the place (bas-relief/stereoscopic illusion), while they are sensuous black & white juvenile bodies hovering over the images (Poser?) morphing to snakes on mouse over. Music by Eugène Ysaÿe. Of course this Platonic meeting of souls does get consumed, unlike its precursors w Scève, Dante, Petrarca, thàt lot. Unlike the writing resulting from the (imagined) meetings there, this virtuality takes to writing immediately.

-However: suspend the 'meeting' till the meeting has meaning (petit drame de l'expression") ( "Je me souviendrai de toi, ma table") . This is the 'in media res' of the story. It's now.

- next the 'changing or gliding of one referent to another', c'est à dire: What is the silence in the reading? - The silence is the sand of the noises (Ponge) . Maintenant (1132838218346) les ecrivains se trouvent sur le sable. Now is when authors are broke. We are in deep shit. Mutilated hands, chopped off fingers are poking in the sand, picking at other fingers buried in the sand. The sand is being chrystalised by the heat of the moment. The authors are taken 'en masse' by their writing. We are the growing reflecting shield, the first line of defense. Any attack on the core will deflect, explode harmlessly in the void of outer space. People go Oh. People go Aah. People want to be stars, exploding like that. There's a smell of celebrated castration in the air. Mouths contain the tangible taste of lacking ability, tongues are clicking in a frenzy on metal teeth. Limbs are climbing piles of cadavres in search of a throbbing vein to connect to. Tears are ticking like pearls at the back of each eye, wanting to get out. There is no escape. Artificial torso's grab after heads fired like canonballs in a cheap shoot 'm up game. Feet mount each other like dogs to procreate, the nails drawing blood in toes. Victims devour the victimised.

Lore & Io: their writing will slip through fingers. Their writing will hurt the flesh of fingers. Their writing will establish itself (s'etablir). Their writing will materialise. Their writing matters. Their writing does not produce. Their writing will infuse. Their writing will be the exchange of fluids. It will bring down rust on the machinery of time itself. It will disrupt the production of written objects. The narrative of their writing will disintegrate the images of their writing. Their meeting will be written. It will slap itself (you) in the face. It will annihilate itself. It will suck itself in, implode. Will it happen? It has happened. You have let it happen.

- Pythian search for 'Dorion' in the Game (cross-ref). Get the user in the Pond. Let her find the remedy for being in the Pond.

- construct Francis Ponge's table (3D véritable, a validation structure for 2D tables), use all of his table texts as materials to create a flickering, pencil drawn like structure + eagle stuck in it with its claws. Sound of wings clapping. Stereoscopic flashes of other tables filling the structure. The table at the Last ...

- make a list of tables, a table of tables. Texturize each of them with images of meat. Make a bleeding set of tables. Let it rot away, a fortnight will do. Collect the fluids in a golden cup. Feed it to the machine. Drink this for it is my blood. (Do not shout, whisper).



The neglected table of negligence.

The desired table of desire.

The indifferent table of indifference.

The burning table of Paris.

The dying table of death.

The sobbing table of sadness.

The free table of the people.

The itching table of ontology.

The female table of gender.

The inevitable table of fate.

The quick table of fame.

The sticky table of cacti.

The huge table of falli.

The obscene table of technology.

The viral table of code.

The rented table of money.

The masturbating table of sex.

The single table of chastity.

The broken table of loyalty.

The cracking table of sanity.

The bloody table of Christ.

The bloody table of Mohammed.

The tabloid table of Buddha.

The innocent table of innocence.

The shopping table of lists.

The cunning table of intellect.

The outstanding table of achievement.

The sacred table of self-indulgence.

The mirrored table of vanity.

The useful table of tablature.

The incredible table of fiction.

The running table of time.

The unstable table of poetry.

The cleared table of humanity.


If it's not made of wood you need to be specific.






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