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meret becker PLAZA

_the animation seems to get stuck on Firefox- i'll look into it tomorrow_

Cathedral Birthday Greeting Card

dedicated to Sheila and all the others on and of the Wryting-L list
for the continuing inspiration and (in)formation.



how to play poems on the piano using text as a score, cathedrastically,
while you can't even play the piano properly.

  • Don't worry if you can't play the piano, i can't either, you're about to do something for yourself mainly / eventually.
    I'm only letting you hear this because it's good cathedral practice to let everybody in on your methods of relaxation and it's like with other things that are near impossible, the painting without proper education or the writing in a different language then your own:

    it don't matter if it doesn't live up to any standard, only the movement matters, the activity itself.
    After a while you'll see that you even might get away with it, occasionally..

  • so you take a text, one you like, preferably

  • you put it up at the piano like it's a score

  • you push record on your recording device

  • you then start to play ad libitum while reading the poem/text

  • it doesn't matter much if you can't really play,
    just try hard to make it sound like the reading in your head

  • when you've finished reading you're supposed to have finished playing to

  • press stop on your recording device

  • afterwards preferably filter out the voice, of make it a bit vague

  • anyway: make sure no on can understand what you are saying (echo or any other effect)

  • optionally add some video

  • optionally add the text you were reading



[und now 4 some old-fashioned Dutch flarf ]




truthjuice by grapesofart





"in het uur van de waarheid

sluiten we de ogen

en wachten tot het uur van de
waarheid voorbij is


"In the hour of truth

we close our eyes

and wait till the hour
of truth has passed"



( iderden 2007 )