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4 Bjørn Magnhildøen




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two weeks of digiphoto's





some eadless t ext garbaged by dv:

In the beginning was the word and the word was with g*d and the word was g*d untsoweiter. In the beginning the continuum was the continuum was the continuum untsoweiter ..In the beginning was the beginning beginning the beginning untsoweiter ...

nel mezzo cammin di nostro vita is not the same as in the middle of the course of our lives Why bother? Because nel mezzo cammin... is not the same as in the middle of the... Untsoweiter ...

Why is peace not the same as vrede? Because the initiating of the running code "peace" started at a different time than the initiating of the coagulated running code "vrede"?

Why do languages live? Because they rub each other's backs.

In the beginning of this text there is the beginning of this text which is not the same as the beginning of this text in the beginning of this text untsoweiter

Scale matters, position matters, division matters, time matters. Even if time is a human illusion, time matters. Literally. (In Dutch you can only say "doet er toe", you can't make the "matter" link,- does that mean anything? Sure, it's a comment on the configuration as we are having it.)

On what basis are you going to have a protocol, at which "level" of the continuum, the line indicating where traversals can be made?

What does the http:// protocol actually do? Nothing. It observes the flow of data. Does it change the flow of data? Is it not observerving the flow of data? Does it not interfere with the flow of data? Do we not bleed when you...

Observance comes at a cost. The cost is called the digital divide. It looses data while cutting them. Why loss? Because you are cutting, changing positions of non-existent entities, you are making entities, objects. You're quantum leaping from wave to particles. Wehen making the cut, you gotta consider where you're going to make it, but you'll always lose. There's no red and green wire to choose from, it's only one wire, , the bomb will always explode in your face...

The digital revolution is about refining the grid but you cannot ungrid the grid. The point of no return is when matter itself says to you "hi, you're cutting me". At that moment you already are within the grid, you have made the choice (to cut or not to cut, that one).

Redemption? Cut again.

Why not the agreement of "universal language" at the xml-level? Would there be any difference where you draw the line? As things are there is a plethora of reasons to draw the starting line of "namespaces" at the xml level

- humans can read/write it

- machines can read/write it

- business needs it

If not, what are you going to measure? Below? The remainders of analog noise? Sure there is "meaning" left in analog noise. Connect to the "noise"of Ultra Short Frequency and you will hear it. Do sea waves mean something? Sure, why not. Where are you going to establish an art:// protocol? One that makes agreements on the meaning of seawaves? On the cries of the doves? Who will understand it? who will be able to read/write to it?

Why agree at all? Because then you can start garbaging, recycling the losses.

Or: not at all, let it swing, hang loose, disagree, object, phantom, pray, obsess, incorporate, mislead, defy, acknowledge, breath, die, resurrect, (re)verb...

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Date : Jeudi 4, Mai 2006  17:17
Objet : Re: [bip_bip_bip] bip blip
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--- Ariane Bart <ariane_bart@...> wrote:

> ltut ltut bliè
> bliè iou rtl rtl
> tiuuuiiiuuuuu
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> tocr rcocr pliu
> sssssssssss
> bip bip
> clemos <cl3mos@...> a écrit :
> tlut
> tlut
> tluuuuuuuut
> iou
> iwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
> z
> - - -..*______#
> r
> k
> k
> fff
> ffffffffffffffffffffffff
> z
> tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
> On 5/4/06, Ariane Bart wrote:
> >
> > b ip trèlt q tq r r q rt r t iq titq lit
> >
> > jl l jl ii i i i i ii i
> >
> > kr
> >
> > bip
> > bip
> >
> > bipbip
> >
> > clemos a écrit :
> > blip bip bep
> > iiiiiiiiiiiiii
> > kr
> > bip
> >
> >
> >
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no silk here just pulling
marking the day
nature goes 1234 not 12345
memory once being stasis construed

ze elma gardner epitasleepsong

imagine all the furst of mays to come will urkish be

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Mines off to smearded b dridden re altity

forward to


> thass a hunnerd twosend 50's per pallette BenchMark quite an email
> register Nation in yeti pocket io ocmin an oging ~
> jomjov no nimo oil
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apart from this saidness done on mr B's sys here it as it  is vital as A's is and mr Q's is as idem ditto indeed as we quoth many other's cause and the causes thereof as often as if it weren't for the daily fishing of the junk folder of these posts our disdisthis my own attempts at becoming better at attempting to become nothing  or at least the size of dust particles rendered as noise in the light falling from windows in disdisthis  the absent Cathedral  we would fail less noisily we loop we would fall beneath the observable alltogether cause you know on 25th July 2000, Germany lost 96 passengers that were flying to New  York to join a Caribbean cruise organized by Deilmann on a Concorde Flight AF4590 so although we it have worked as a Financial Accountants at the Independent Newspapers, with previous work experience as an Internal Auditor at the University of Zululand and Business Advisor at the Small Business Development and  in essence, it we have every detail on ground to establish you as the authentic beneficiary to the estate so we would very much like to forward to you the sum of aformentioned memory but for lack of authority in saying this the total doa deletable items will forever loop remain at this meagre status quo unless the invasion of the yolkmen fighting the yeti will sky rocket down the eternal gletsjers of melting teaspoons materializing in mozambique cause have you ever been to mozambique i haven't i would really like to spend some time in mozambique now let's spend some time in mozambique in the meantime all credit is theirs alone and by my will alone expanding these lists of tables will be the object of your desire loop as i most humbly put forward  here on lilliput at least yesyes once every three seconds my dear:

  • Americana At All
  • Ancient Mysteries of the bathtubs containing incense as used by the Mother
  • Animals in distress as seen Wandering at the North Gate
  • Anthropology conquering the dictionaries of disbelief in Giordano Bruno
  • Architecture of midwives for educators of the Academy
  • Arts of the Plough and Toendra in Aubel
  • Arsetrilogy and Seneca to remain seated @ All Times
  • Bibliographies of the Mundane thoughts in Searchbots visiting the North Pole
  • Biographies & memoirs of worse cases for monads feeling sickly on a permanent basis
  • Body, Mind and Spirit in the bus to the Graphics Card
  • Business & investing colour chips to retrieve lost Buttons after doing the Laundry
  • Children & Young Adult Pharmacy fighting the need to comment Widgets
  • Collectibles in the Eyes of the Beholder of the Wailing Wall
  • Comparitive Religions compared to disparitive Religions
  • Crafts & Hobbes before and after Leibniz
  • Earth Sciences  digging for the Roots of the W32 Haytap worm
  • Education of details inside Jerusalem
  • Ephemera by mrs Susan Kassy
  • Fiction to Promote your Business
  • Folklore of the Cooperation of Sabbatical leaves
  • Geography of lower rates
  • Health & diet in Beltane
  • History & herstory that you don't have to repay
  • Hobbies & Leisure for your Canon
  • Humor in Experian File disputes
  • Illustrated Books covering most of Luigi Nono's Prometheo
  • Language & Culture in times of Hardship
  • Law, Flaw and Flacons to throw in the waves
  • Life Sciences of the Death Penalty
  • Literature by Handsome
  • Medicine & Pharmacy growing old in Kansas
  • Metaphysical Optics
  • Music for blog Aggregators
  • Mystery and Crime before it happened
  • Mythol, Formol & Menthol
  • Natural History of Absenteism
  • Outdoor & Nature Behaviourism
  • Philosophy of Carnal Activity
  • Poetry decapitating the increasing Need for Mythol, Formol & Menthol
  • Political Science of Virginal Musick by Adam tof Handsom
  • Psychiatry & Psychology of the Political Science of Procurator Contarini
  • Rare Books, Medium Books & Bleeding Books
  • Reference to the Cathedral-Mother in Her Absence
  • Religion & Spiritualism after the Bourgeois Revolution
  • Rhetoric in the Chambers of his Pumpkin Heart
  • Sacred Books on Cooking Rare Books While Jumping Aropundina
  • Science Fiction of the Electorat
  • Since & Technlog
  • Self-Help for Caps
  • Social Sins
  • Symb olm
  • Thatr & Dramlm
  • Theloglm
  • War & Militlm
  • Woelm
  • Xm
  • Yg
  • z
  • i

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"you guys make me sick "



ze quoth by Laura the Bruta of Yolksome:

That every person shall write a scroll of the Torah for himself (Deut. 31:19)



swimmin alone in the mensea of imini
ncluding this here nasty bugger who re started allah ze noise in the furplace:






huba!, quoth Franquin, Quarles is my MMMMMAn!
well, the thing about noise poetry i think is is that it wants to DEMONSTRATE an idea
instead of describing it.

I highly recommend J Cage's book Silence as a way into what noise means in relation to signal.

Lo maan ech eng Fotto!
that's why many of the posts don't seem to make sense.

name one things that makes sense the more you think about it.

these are poets that would rather use language to SHOW these strange and unnameable,
silent thoughts.

the stream

instead of merely using language in the recycled, cliched way that people
usually use it (like the way that i am using it right now-

nothing is original


CALL EXT.455.243.694.|

//cycles will appear to move/lapse backwards in time to dogm. observor randomly, while de facto triggered by divide as it happens, abyss of happening progresses by overlapsing no 12345 but 1234, memory = memory leakage picked up at different there@WHERE.X.THERE

i am USING words solely for their
prepackaged meanings,

your piece that we saw at &now was definitely unpacking the prepackaged. everyone works differently but I can say that I work with language on a component level, using imaginative & process-oriented procedures to create the occasion of the text. sometimes there appears a text that I wish to propagate to others & more often its compost for something in the future.

which is more the realm of speech than good poetry) and instead
put words together like OBJECTS in the world in order to enhance or change the meanings
of the words themselves, showing language to be a material in a constant state of

rocks paper scissors | noise meaning context

this kind of poetry, for me, is the absolute best because i can actually feel my brain
changing when i am reading it.

it helps to read aloud, except for pieces like noemata which are best left read by the computer voice...

Kuck mäin neie Motto
this is because i use my brain to reach out to the poem
and work with it, i have to work in order to figure out the meaning of the piece.

why do you want to know the meaning? or rather how can you possibly "know" the meaning?

i like
doing that much better than sitting back and absorbing the meaning of a piece that puts it
all its meaning out there like a stupid pop song or a television show.

what I've always found interesting is when I'm immersed in writing & processings texts, or composing a noise collage, when I go to hear a pop song I hear it in a way that's really divorced from all the nostalgia a beatle song would evoke. there's some Japanese noise artists that have done amazing things with going in & out of the noise/pop mix.

onani more?
this really

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I know what you mean Dirt Dirt is a 1970's Scandinavian DIY shagcarpet penguin doll With Klein bottle time vagina, a shaman's coat w/ little lead Monopoly cannons It inserts both directions All white snow hippo teepee w/ chillwill beanbag lavalamp For aurora borealis white tire Eskimo BMX landscrape Or something more gemutlichkeit, more [Apple-Finnish-Iceburg] Something more 'thin Ronnie' - 'bardo Rome' Skinny kid superhero yodelling ice goats Nowhere nearing melting siberian tundra carwash We can't get our UNIMOG in that little ballet hut Kentucky Fried Seal wings on Doctor Spock finger forks Live Long in Phosphor? Teflon hunting tale. Something like a thing drool of X-Files nose oil aliens Crude walrus-headed BMX on chrome-moly penguin frames We'll worry these gall rocks snowy with hissy fits White desert is a thin drool of ancient Ronnie death snow Roamin' Snow-witch legislature with all white white noise video eyeball penguins Greek Eskimo Penguins' Snow and Ice Parthenon car lot White Castle Donner Party Curling Patties for frozen ballerina gasohol yodelling thin Ronnie nose alien oil
i don't know if we could do some workshopping on this list, but i LOVE responding to
pieces by using their material and writing a new poem.

I think "workshopping" is a stinky word. It smells like Iowa Writer's Workshop & bored housewives writing limericks. I like the term interwriting.

as i think ron padgett said, it
helps to really "understand" a poem to "get your hands dirty in its language" and on that
note i am going to try to take on that poem right now.


 Kuck mäin neie Motto
bei dem hëlze Potto!

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cross-posted to:

blurred saga street whose noblest overerring underlang would lunge and fie where whirled champions bled caustic campions inhabit the triumph of nickels over a solid meal of confusion so bright (torpulent?) with meandering

charges, chave
slump, slyre-lawn
mint, miny

tears, teaselures

as flying saucers
to these alien

of bromidosis
big-brained boggard hymnals stained
with the kissable drool
of butterfly fauns all-a-bolary
with theve-thorned Theutonickes
in their spectral hund-faced bromoilings

i weep like a roundhead
quartered before
some greenish lickpenny language
staring as a toheroa bat cake
at human coal
before its dawn to
bisgay near
Prairie du Chien

laughing with the
crab-legged veranda sufi
who braggs into the
roughness of his
woolen magnetic

a coffee-tree
and biliose
with the scott-free
robin of M
1979 on
"sire records"

in the din
of litany:

Martha Washington Vibrating Werewolf Hottub

Nä kuck mol di Fotto!
rifft den Här Libotto.
Wou as da mäi Motto
hei beim hëlze Potto?

flucht den Här Libotto.
Da maan ech eng Fotto
vun deem neie Motto
hei beim
hëlze Potto
an op ménger Fotto
as da just de Potto
awer nët mäi Motto!

flucht den Här Libotto.
Dat war méng lescht Fotto




My advisor told me that the script was the ancient language of English, and that one old crazy woman (who everyone considered withered and ugly) could maybe read it, but to get her to focus on the problem of translation was nearly impossible, as, while she was perfectly capable of reading the language, she almost never provided literal translations.

Anyway, I went to her and showed her the texts our team found, and she closed her eyes and ran her fingers across the paper. I knew what she was doing - she was 'smelling' the hard drive to see if it had been fabricated. She pronounced it authentic.

"So what does it say?", I asked.

She closed her eyes again and ran her fingers across the disk and said "The data has been lost." (We knew that, why did we enlist her help?) But I can read it. You are not going to like what it says, but I can read it to you.....


(just a quick cut)

(now swear you didn't do a thing to deserve this)
(say thank u lanny)

If you have the time, please place comments on the no comments place please
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